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Alternate Integer Primary Keys with Ecto

Adding a auto incrementing integer primary key with a different name to id.

Practical i18n with Phoenix and Elixir

A guide to internationalisation of your projects in Phoenix by Erik Reedstrom.

Using Phoenix with docker

A three part series on how to use Elixir with Docker containers.


A pretty awesome plugin for a free Atom editor.

Elixir Forum

An unofficial forum for everything about Elixir.

Dockerized Phoenix Cluster

Po Chen shares his insights into dockerizing phoenix project.

Comparing Rails and Phoenix: Part II

Leigh Halliday continues follows the series of Phoenix and Rails comparison.

Quick Elixir Debugging Tip

A pretty useful hint originally from Dmitri Skliarov for better debugging Elixir apps.

Using LetsEncrypt to Switch a Phoenix App Deployed with Dokku to HTTPS

Praveen Perera shows how to switch to HTTPS with LetsEncrypt and dokku in less than five minutes.

Ecto 2.0.0-beta.0 is out

Jose Valim introduces a new beta version of Elixir's ORM framework.

Publishing Model Changes to a Phoenix Channel

Joseph Kain looks at the changes in Phoenix channels.

An Introduction to APIs with Phoenix

Micah Woods gives an introduction to creating APIs with Phoenix web framework.