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Comparing Rails and Phoenix: Part II

Leigh Halliday continues follows the series of Phoenix and Rails comparison.

Ecto 2.0.0-beta.0 is out

Jose Valim introduces a new beta version of Elixir's ORM framework.

Elixir Forum

An unofficial forum for everything about Elixir.

Alternate Integer Primary Keys with Ecto

Adding a auto incrementing integer primary key with a different name to id.

Using Phoenix with docker

A three part series on how to use Elixir with Docker containers.

Quick Elixir Debugging Tip

A pretty useful hint originally from Dmitri Skliarov for better debugging Elixir apps.


A pretty awesome plugin for a free Atom editor.

Practical i18n with Phoenix and Elixir

A guide to internationalisation of your projects in Phoenix by Erik Reedstrom.


Using LetsEncrypt to Switch a Phoenix App Deployed with Dokku to HTTPS

Praveen Perera shows how to switch to HTTPS with LetsEncrypt and dokku in less than five minutes.

Dockerized Phoenix Cluster

Po Chen shares his insights into dockerizing phoenix project.

An Introduction to APIs with Phoenix

Micah Woods gives an introduction to creating APIs with Phoenix web framework.

Publishing Model Changes to a Phoenix Channel

Joseph Kain looks at the changes in Phoenix channels.