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DigitalOcean | VPS hosting for your Elixir and Phoenix projects

DigitalOcean provides fast and reliable unlimited VPS hosting that starts at $5 per month. I use it to power all my projects including this newsletter and it never failed me. Get your first $10 free by signing up with this link.

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Building and testing a Phoenix JSON API

Since writing the first version of this guide a lot has changed in Phoenix. In this post we’ll show you how to build and test the index and show actions of a JSON API with Phoenix 1.2. We’ll show you some new techniques we’ve learned since the last time.

Migrating a LAMP Stack Application to the Phoenix Framework

How to migrate a legacy application to Elixir/Phoenix by configuring a reverse proxy to segment your traffic and migrating your application logic over time.

Phoenix/Elixir App Secured with Let’s Encrypt

In this article we are going to setup a Phoenix web application (running Elixir) with SSL configured using LetsEncrypt (i.e. all traffic running through SSL / HTTPS).


Craft and deploy bulletproof embedded software in Elixir.


GraphQL implementation for Elixir.