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[Remote] Backend developer at Walter based in Vancouver

We're looking for a well rounded backend developer to assist in the build out of our financial services platform for entrepreneurs using Elixir and Machine Learning. Part time or full time.

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Elixir in the Trenches

Carbon Five shares their experience with Elixir on a real project. The project was an iOS application that made heavy use of the device’s location services; users can share where they are and what they’re doing. We needed a backend for an API, and to keep all connected clients up-to-date. From the start, Phoenix and its channels seemed like a great fit. Today, we’d like to share some of what we learned.

Mix.Config.config/3 can accept not only keywords

If found any problem, read document first, then read source code to verify your guess.

TcpExPlaygroud: holds TCP networking experiments in Elixir

This project holds experiences in the Elixir TCP world. They all have a few corresponding blog entries and also a git branch.

Safeguard web service failures in Elixir with Fuse

Don't let failing APIs get you down. (Zing!) If your software depends on various services, service failures can compromise part of your application or bring your application down entirely.

Phoenix Channels vs Rails Action Cable

As we've seen, Phoenix is Not Rails, but we borrow some of their great ideas. We were also delighted to give back in the other direction when Rails announced that Rails 5.0 would be shipping with Action Cable – a feature that takes inspiration from Phoenix Channels.