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Pattern matching in Elixir

When I first began learning Elixir I was caught out by its pattern matching. Speaking to other Elixir students and hanging out in the Slack channel, it was clear I wasn’t alone.

Rise From the Ashes — Incremental APIs With Phoenix

What if we could incrementally replace our legacy API with Phoenix, one endpoint at a time? We could make a compelling argument by showcasing performance and maintainability gains, without committing to a rewrite.

Introducing rebar3_elixir, now use Elixir in Erlang projects

It has auto Elixir and Mix discovery, ability to use Elixir deps in rebar projects and much more. A lot of new features are also in pipeline to welcome more and more Erlang folks to start using Elixir as well.

Elixir and Data Ingestion

At Urbint, we assemble large amounts of New York City’s data to build a comprehensive API for NYC real-estate. Lately I tried Elixir to see how it stacks up against Go (our current workhorse) for data ingestion.

Webmachine in Elixir Tutorial, Part 4

In the previous installment, we displayed some dynamic content in our webpage that was loaded from an ets table. Even a social network themed around The Wire is no fun if you can’t add your favorite quotes to it. Let’s hook up a form so that we can submit to post new tweets, and a resource to accept that POST.


[Remote] Backend developer at Walter based in Vancouver

We're looking for a well rounded backend developer to assist in the build out of our financial services platform for entrepreneurs using Elixir and Machine Learning. Part time or full time.

Back-end Elixir and Phoenix developer for artificial intelligence and chatbots in Sao Paulo

Essa é uma vaga para brasileiros trabalharem em SP! We're looking for a senior back-end developer to work on building our Elixir and Phoenix microservices backend architecture for artificial intelligence and chatbots. Don't know Elixir but are willing to learn? You are welcome as well!