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Rate Limiting a Phoenix API

Developers frequently neglect rate limiting when they build an API, assuming they are even aware that it is a best practice. It’s true that in many cases rate limiting isn’t worth the effort, but when it comes to authentication, it definitely is.


FakerElixir is an Elixir package that generates fake data for you. Whether you need to seed your database, create factories for your project, FakerElixir is here for you.

Automated Elixir code review with Github, Credo and Travis CI

While I was working on the Elixir, I realised that it would be nice to have some static code analysis tool integrate with you build process.

Elixir/Phoenix Centralized HTTP Logging

With horizontally scaled monoliths or services, the default logging behavior for most web frameworks has diminishing value with each new server. Out of the box, a framework typically has its logs written to STDOUT or a log file, which works great when first starting a project.

Important overhaul Elixir did to Erlang to become appealing web-development tool

I often hear the same question: if Elixir works on the Erlang VM, why not use Erlang for programming web-applications instead of Elixir? The short answer is – you can’t create something akin to Phoenix/Ecto with pure Erlang.