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How Elixir helped us to scale our Video User Profile Service for the Olympics

Like any other new technology, first I like to read some books, do some personal experiments, freelancers, try it with non-critical projects in the company and then do something that solves real problems and fits in the technology purpose.

How to Set up a Distributed Elixir Cluster on Amazon EC2

Learn how to set up an Elixir cluster and how to deploy a Phoenix application on Amazon EC2. The techniques outlined in this article can equally apply to other providers such as Digital Ocean and Linode.

Elixir boilerplate

This write-up talks about aspects of project skeletons that eventually end up in all my Elixir projects.

ElixirConf 2016 Summary

A collection of links that cover what happened during ElixirConf 2016. Please feel free to submit a PR!

Re-architecting with Elixir/OTP and Pattern Matching

Elixir is a fast growing elegant functional language on top of Erlang VM. One of the most important feature of Elixir is able use OpenTelecomPlatform(OTP) which allows to run concurrent supervised supervisor/workers on the same node and also across multiple machines