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BEAM VM Wisdoms 1.0 documentation

This is the collection of easy to read (ELI5) articles as well as in-depth knowledge such as VM internals, memory layout, opcodes etc. The project is work in progress, so come back soon!

Stubr - an amazingly stub-only framework for Elixir

In functional languages you should write pure functions. However, sometimes we need functions to call external API’s that affect the state of the system. So these functions are impure. In non-functional languages you create mocks to test expectations. For example, you might create a mock of a repository and the test checks it calls the save function. You are testing a side effect. This is something you should avoid in functional languages.

Running Your Phoenix Tests Using Docker

One of the many benefits of using Docker is that it can make testing your applications much easier. Want to test out your Phoenix app on the newest version of Elixir? Easy — just change one line in the Dockerfile.

IoT with Elixir and CoAP part 2: How to easily prototype and build an IoT platform

We are back with the second part of our IoT development series. Please check out the first part for a brief description of the CoAP protocol and introduction to what we are trying to achieve.

Ruby code in Elixir project

Did you know that you can fire up ruby code inside an Elixir project? I haven’t done any benchmarks, but I have a feeling it would be too slow for production, however, coding and trying out crazy stuff is fun, right?