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Elixir Maintainability

When writing code it is good to keep in mind the perspective of the next programmer who will read it, be that yourself or someone else, be that tomorrow or in six months time.

ElixirConf 2016 Keynote by José Valim

Entity Component Systems (in Elixir)

Entity-Component-System (ECS) is a distributed and compositional architectural design pattern that is mostly used in game development. It enables flexible decoupling of domain-specific behaviour, which overcomes many of the drawbacks of traditional object-oriented inheritance.

Elixir ETS Versus Redis

Learning Elixir has a way of challenging everything you know about programming. Redis is becoming an assumed part of many web stacks, in the same breath as your database. But with Elixir, do you need it? Do you even need a database?

Dynamic forms with Phoenix

Today we will learn how to build forms in Phoenix that use our schema information to dynamically show the proper input fields with validations, errors and so on. We aim to support the following API in our templates: