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Monitoring Elixir apps in 2016: Prometheus/Grafana Step-by-Step Guide

All monitoring tools out there pride themselves on enterprise-level flexibility, the price of which is enterprise-level configuration frustration.

Deploying Elixir's Phoenix Framework on Dokku

These instructions assume you've set up Dokku. If not, go find a tutorial for that part. My notes for setting it up on Digital Ocean.

Chocolatey Gallery has Elixir 1.3.3

Installing Elixir on Windows is easy when using Chocolatey package manager. Very similar to apt-get or brew.

Codewars now supports Elixir

Practice Elixir with code katas and exercises on Codewars.

Pub/sub with gproc vs GenEvent in elixir

The library gproc was recently recommended to me for registering processes in my elixir app.