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Elixir & Phoenix Workshops with Mike North

simplabs organizes a series of Elixir & Phoenix Workshops with Mike North. Learn how to build web apps of a new era! The 2-day workshops cover topics like Elixir and BEAM basics, data persistence, routing, authentication, distributed storage, testing and more.

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PaperTrail: Track and record all the changes in your database with Ecto.

PaperTrail lets you record every change in your database in a seperate database table called versions. Library generates a new version record with associated data every time you run PaperTrail.insert/1, PaperTrail.update/1 or PaperTrail.destroy/1 functions. Simply these functions wrap your Repo insert, update or destroy actions in a database transaction, so if your database action fails you won't get a new version.


See the changes needed to upgrade your Phoenix application

Building A Website With Phoenix Framework

Phoenix is a Web Framework written in Elixir that works similarly to Rails but is faster and more scalable than Rails. This tutorial will show you how to create a simple blog site using Phoenix and some Elixir code. You can find more about Phoenix at www.phoenixframework.org but don’t spend too much time on reading because the correct way to learn Phoenix is by writing applications!

Using Flynn to deploy a Phoenix app

Flynn is a relatively new and cool open source platform (PaaS) for running applications in production. Flynn started more than 3 years ago with a crowdfunding campaign on Hacker News, and shipped their 1.0 this past July.

Smart command line hex publisher, inspired by `rake release`

Adds mix tasks to easily issue (publish) new versions to hex.