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Elixir & Phoenix Workshops with Mike North

simplabs organizes a series of Elixir & Phoenix Workshops with Mike North. Learn how to build web apps of a new era! The 2-day workshops cover topics like Elixir and BEAM basics, data persistence, routing, authentication, distributed storage, testing and more.

this week's favorite

Elm and Phoenix/Elixir in production for France TV

Are Elm and Phoenix/Elixir ready for prime time? I'll let you decide: they were both used in live during the main French political show called "L'émission Politique" to help generate a word cloud based on the guest speech. To the date of this writing, the guests were Nicolas Sarkozy (12 millions viewers), Arnaud Montebourg (9 millions) and lately Alain Juppé (13 millions).

Focusing on José Valim: A Biographical Interview

José Valim is the creator of the Elixir programming language. Austin Erlang is taking a deeper look into José’s life to quantify the tenets of successful programming and living a rich and rewarding life.

Using GenStage to Notify a Phoenix Channel of Updates in Elixir

Last week I learned about GenStage by reading the announcement . It was a good introduction, but now I’m ready to get my hands dirty and write some GenStage code myself

Phoenix and React: A Killer Combo

Given the right project, there's nothing sweeter than using Phoenix and React together. For great justice.

Siftscience API Library for Elixir

This library (based on the official SiftScience libraries) allows you to interact with the SiftScience API via various functions in Elixir.