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Elixir & Phoenix Workshops with Mike North

simplabs organizes a series of Elixir & Phoenix Workshops with Mike North. Learn how to build web apps of a new era! The 2-day workshops cover topics like Elixir and BEAM basics, data persistence, routing, authentication, distributed storage, testing and more.

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Kitto is a framework to help you create dashboards, written in Elixir / React.

Changelog.com is Open Source

Changelog.com is an Elixirapplication built on the Phoenixweb framework, PostgreSQL, and a hostof great open source efforts.

Introduction to Testing Elixir Applications with ExUnit

Leverage the power of test-driven development and learn how to test a sample Elixir application using ExUnit.

Elixir and IO Lists, Part 2: IO Lists in Phoenix

This post was adapted from a talk called “String Theory”, which I co-presented with James Edward Gray IIat Elixir & Phoenix Conf 2016. My posts on Elixir and Unicode were also part of that talk.

Anatomy of an Elixir Process

Elixir/Erlang concurrency model is based on the actor pattern which runs on top of BEAM(Erlang Virtual Machine) instead of running directly on Operating System. The actor pattern’s actor is an “Elixir Process” in Elixir programming language.