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Beyond 10,000 Lines – Lessons Learned from a Large Phoenix Project

We recently finished up a large Phoenix project at Infinite Red, and we learned some tips and tricks along the way that I want to share. Overall, we’ve been impressed at how well organized and maintainable a Phoenix project can be beyond 10,000 lines of code.

Roll your own Email & Password Authentication with Guardian, Comeonin & Phoenix

In this post I’m going to explain that it is relatively easy to implement your own simple email & password authentication with the help of Guardian & Comeonin in a fresh silky-smooth new Guardian app.

Elixir for Rubyists: Pattern matching and recursion

This blog post series is going to go through the basics of Elixir for someone coming from the Ruby programming language.

Collaborative Music Loops in Elixir and Elm: Healthy Elixir Tests

In the first post of this series we introduced the Loops With Friends app, and implemented channel joining, presence tracking, loop cycling, and event broadcasting with Elixir and Phoenix. In the second post, we added jam balancing by leveraging an Elixir agent. Please see those posts to learn more about those topics.

String manipulation micro optimisation using IO lists in Elixir

Nathan Long recently published Elixir and IO Lists, Part 1: Building Output Efficiently where he described using IO lists to make your own code more efficient.