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Elixir School

Lessons about the Elixir programming language, inspired by Twitter’s Scala School.

Elixir vs Ruby: File I/O performance

Recently, I've stumbled upon this thread on Elixir Forum and it got me interested. It turned out that reading and processing a big CSV file in Elixir is as much as 4 times slower than in Ruby, which itself is well known not to be a speed racer. I've done some research, developed the attached code further by applying suggested optimizations and so here's the results.

Elixir Module Attributes - Alchemy 101

Elixir is a joy to work with, an easy installation that comes packaged with a build tool, mix. In minutes you will be creating your own applications and performing releases. Over time you will question how and why things work and behave the way they do. You may even wonder if there are better ways to do things. This is where Alchemy 101 comes in. Each edition of Alchemy 101 will address common questions that are being asked throughout the community.

libcluster: Automatic cluster formation/healing for Elixir applications

This library provides a mechanism for automatically forming clusters of Erlang nodes, with either static or dynamic node membership. It provides a publish/subscribe mechanism for cluster events so that you can easily be notified when cluster members join or leave, and provides a pluggable "strategy" system, with multicast UDP gossip, Kubernetes, and EPMD strategies all provided out of the box.

Sending Email via SMTP with Elixir Phoenix

This blog was originally written for the Phoenix web framework bonus guides. Hopefully it’ll be merged in there, but until then you can use this edited version here. :) Due to its origin this guide is very Phoenix specific, but apart from the section on views the content holds true for any Elixir application.