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My year with Elixir

I started fiddling with Elixir about 1.5 year ago. Today I feel like sharing my experience with the language. I’ve been coding with Ruby for the past 5 years (mostly around the Rails ecosystem) and I try to learn a new programming language every year.

Elixir / Phoenix — Uploading images to AWS S3 (With ARC)

Hello, and thanks for checking in. In this post, I’d like to discuss how to upload images to an S3 bucket. We will continue working on the application we wrote earlier - Imageer. If you haven’t worked your way through it, I recommend doing so first.

Elixir GenServer basics

A video series to understand GenServer better.

Elixir Users' Survey 2016 Results

Each year since 2014 I have surveyed the Elixir community about its use of the language and the makeup of the community. I started this survey three years ago as part of ElixirSips, and am continuing it as part of my new startup DailyDrip.

Why the Elixir language has great potential

As a developer I think it is important to stay up to date with new developments. But mostly I love learning new things ;-) This means to be on the lookout for current trends in the tech industry, guessing their potential and trying them out. Sometimes I’m right. For example: A few months ago, adopting GraphQL turned out to be a good guess.