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Deploying Phoenix to production using docker

This is a short tutorial on how we at Recruitee are running Phoenix and other Elixir applications with Docker. On production.

Day 3 - Mix

The past six month’s been hectic at work and it’s a pity I had little time for Elixir. And now version 1.4 is out, shame on me. This may not be the case anymore since I’m planning on hijacking some of Elixir greatness to my work mix.

OAuth2 with Phoenix and Shield

5 min walk to become an OAuth2 Provider and Protecting Resources using Shield package and Phoenix Framework

Unit Testing Higher Order Functions in Elixir

So one question we’ve had with regards to Elixir unit testing is “how do we test functions which take functions as arguments?” This article aims to illustrate the approach we’ve adopted that doesn’t require mocks, stubs, spies or any library other than ExUnit.

Ticket Elixir

ticker-elixir is an example Elixir OTP app which periodically pulls quotes for configured symbols. In this example, quotes are pulled from the defunct, but still available, Google Finance API. Additiionly, quotes can be simulated (the current default). Retrieved quotes are stored within individual symbol GenServers. These quotes are then rolled up into time-frame intervals using ETS tables, stored within additional GenServers, all supervised by OTP.