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Defql: SQL Queries as Elixir Functions

Elixir world is functional. There are no objects or instances at all. In this case, I asked myself a question.

HTML parsing in Elixir with leex and yecc

HTML parsing is hopefully a solved problem, but as this is supposed to be an exercise in using Elixir, it seems like it would be fun ok to explore writing the parser, instead of using a pre-made solution.

How Discord handles push request bursts of over a million per minute with Elixir’s GenStage

Discord has seen tremendous growth. To handle this growth, our engineering team has had the pleasure of figuring out how to scale the backend services. One piece of technology we’ve seen great success with is Elixir’s GenStage.

Using Elixir's GenStage and Flow to build product recommendations

Crowdsourcing product mentions, applying sentiment analysis, and scoring to find the best resources to Start learning Elixir. A real-world example of building a computational parallel pipeline using Flow.

Writing an Interpreter in Elixir

This project is an interpreter for the Monkey programming language, featuring its own lexer, AST producing parser and evaluator. The Monkey programming language as well as the structure of the interpreter are based on the book Writing An Interpreter In Go.