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Running Project Mix Commands from Any Directory

While adding Credo as supported linter on Hound, I ran into a problem that I hadn’t seen before. I needed to run mix credo in a temporary directory, but soon discovered Mix only searches the current directory for a .mix.exs. What this means is that you can only run mix from the root of your project if you depend on any configuration or dependencies in your mix.exs file. In most cases this isn’t a problem, but for how Hound works, it introduced a challenge.

Unix Timestamps in Elixir 1.4

The Unix Timestamps in Elixir post is by far my most popular one. Because a lot changed in recent Elixir versions when it comes to handling of calendar types (such as dates, datetimes and times), I though it might be a good idea to update it.

10 Reasons you should Bet on Elixir for your next Startup

DHH forever changed how we build saas applications in 2004. While corporate behemoths labored in heavy enterprise level stacks like spring, Rails enabled rapid development of features from zero to a working application in breakneck speed.

Basic Authentication In Your Phoenix App

It turns out that implementing HTTP Basic Authentication in your Phoenix app is easy when you use plugs. Let’s first see how the plug itself works:

Why Bleacher Report Moved From Ruby on Rails to Elixir

Bleacher Report has gone from needing 150 servers to just five, thanks to its decision to move from Ruby on Rails monolith to Elixir Phoenix.