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From Rails to Elixir and Phoenix: 3 day Workshop in Berlin this spring

Get up to speed with Elixir and Phoenix and learn how to build high-performance web apps easier than ever.

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Elixir: the new wave or an elegant niche?

The concise, clear language syntax. The productivity. A charismatic, foreign leader. He even drives race cars — how exotic!

Error Handling in Elixir Libraries

There was an interesting discussion yesterday on the Elixir Slack about how libraries should handle errors. This is a more thought-through and elaborate expression on my views on the matter. In the post, I’ll present an idealised version of how I think a public API for functions that may produce errors should look like.

Concurrency in Elixir

Erlang has been around for over 30 years and was built well before multi-core CPUs existed. Yet it’s a language that couldn’t be more relevant today! The underlying architecture of the language lends itself perfectly to the modern CPUs that are on every computer and mobile device.

A tour of Elixir performance & monitoring tools

You’re diving into Elixir and are getting close to releasing your first production Elixir app. How do you profile and monitor it in production?


Web based metrics, monitoring, and observer.