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AppSignal: Error tracking and performance insights for Elixir

AppSignal: Elixir’s first error monitoring and performance tool

this week's favorite

Manipulate User Interface directly from the Elixir/Phoenix application: eliminate Ajax and JS

Access the browser User Interface from the Server Side. No Javascript programming needed anymore!

Implement a basic block/yield with Elixir

Like with Ruby lang, the Elixir allows you to code magic without pain. Sometimes, you might need to run a snipped of code before and after execution of a block of code on several function calls. For instance, you need to measure the time elapsed in code blocks, then Elixir macros will run for help.

How will Elixir grow?

Some years ago, I attended some conferences like Rubyconf and Railsconf. Then, much as now, I wasn't doing coding in these langauges/frameworks. I just like attending conferences to see how the other half lives (so to speak).

Elixir CLI Spinners

CliSpinners are nothing more like a loading animation in the command line interface.


Try Elixir

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