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From Rails to Elixir and Phoenix: 3 day Workshop in Berlin this spring

Get up to speed with Elixir and Phoenix and learn how to build high-performance web apps easier than ever.

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ExMachina 2.0 - Cast Away

ExMachina is a library for creating test data in Elixir. We’ve made a number of improvements and bug fixes since 1.0. Read on for notable changes, or checkout the CHANGELOG for a full list of changes.

Guardian: An authentication framework for use with Elixir applications.

Guardian is based on similar ideas to Warden but is re-imagined for modern systems where Elixir manages the authentication requirements.

Bourne: Better streaming for Ecto

Bourne provides more powerful streaming mechanisms than those offered by Ecto or Tributary. Notably, it provides both cursor and keyset pagination methods, as well as the ability to create a GenStage producer with similar semantics to GenStage.from_enumerable.

Polymorphism in Elixir

Polymorphism is the provision of a single interface to entities of different types. Basically, it allows different data types respond to same function. So the same function shapes for different data types to accomplish the same behaviour. Elixir language has ‘protocols’ to implement polymorphism with a clean way.

Elixir Deep Dive: Evercam, a 10K LOC Phoenix app

Open-sourcing evercam-server was a beautiful gift to the Elixir community. While it’s fairly easy to find small example Phoenix apps, it’s more difficult finding apps running in production with a significant code base. evercam-server checks those boxes: it’s a critical part of Evercam’s stack, has 10.4K lines of cleanly organized code, and a steady commit stream.