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FBU: Elixir frontend build tool

It’s no secret that I somewhat dislike the state of modern web development. JavaScript is its own terrible world, but one of the sad parts of it is the ecosystem and tooling around it.

Elm and Phoenix Two FP Flavors That Taste Great Together

Josh Adams talks about the symbiosis of Elm and Phoenix on the Erlang & Elixir Factory SF 2017.

Ecto Custom Types, a practical case with enumerize (Rails gem)

We use a lot the awesome Rails gem enumerize. I know that there is an enum type in ActiveRecord now, but I think that enumerize has very interesting functionality like an easy internationalization, forms integration or multiple values selection.

Elixir Cowboy React SPA

This is an example application that shows how to use Cowboy 1.1 in conjunction with React and Redux to create data driven Single Page Applications.

Fault Tolerance doesn't come out of the box

One of the biggest selling points of Elixir is the means it gives you to write fault tolerant applications via its concurrency model. Processes can broadcast their failure to dependant processes which can take appropriate action. You decide how processes should respond to failure based on your use case.