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To spawn, or not to spawn?

That is indeed the question! Whether it is better to keep everything in a single process, or to have a separate process for every piece of state we need to manage? In this post I’ll talk a bit about using and not using processes. I’ll also discuss how to separate complex stateful logic from concerns such as temporal behaviour and cross process communication.

Elixir deployments: our data on what the community needs

At the start of February we outlined a process for basic deployments of Elixir applications on AWS. There were a few holes in this, particularly around some of the shinier Elixir features, but before proceeding with tackling these we wanted to get a sense of what features the community felt were most important.

Nested Filter – Map#drop

You have a nested map (or a struct that you converted to a nested map) and you want to remove ALL the keys with specific values such as nil.

What are the Elixir equivalents of the following?

This is the part where I'm struggling how to use OTP/Elixir. My biggest concern is... most tutorials I read are basically the equivalent of Redis but in OTP, where everything seems to get lost if something dies. Below are a few example topics I've dealt with in the past, and how I would build them in rails, and I'm hoping someone could help me "convert" them to OTP/Elixir thought-approach.

Deployment issue with Phoenix web framework and Docker

Hello guys, I have been working with Elixir and Phoenix web framework so far. I am very impressed with exrm which aims at release new version of application, also migrate / rollback to particular version.