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ZipBooks: Free accounting software, built on Elixir & Ember

Fastest invoicing, billing, and accounting on the web!

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Logging slow Ecto queries: adventures in metaprogramming

Slow database queries are a regular thorn in my side. Whether it’s missing indexes, expensive joins, or N+1s, database performance woes have a way of surfacing in a multitude of ways.

Erlang's Internal Data Representation

I find it interesting how the Erlang BEAM engine represents data in memory.


Inflectorex pluralizes and singularizes English nouns.

GenStage for continuous job processing

We currently use Elixir at uSwitch to process user-submitted forms. We send the data to a 3rd party API and then parse the output, saving the results to a database.


Event Sourcing in Elixir

In this post we will explore how we can use some of Elixir’s more interesting features to implement event sourcing. OTP is the star of this show, enabling us to do some very nice tricks that would be practically impossible with Ruby.