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ZipBooks: Free accounting software, built on Elixir & Ember

Fastest invoicing, billing, and accounting on the web!

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5 Elixir highlights from Erlang & Elixir Factory 2017

The latest Erlang & Elixir Factory San Francisco was definitely worth the trip: new faces, interesting ideas and a buzzing hallway track. As usual, plenty of top-notch technical talks, but personally I found that two important trends emerged: teaching and embedded devices.

Introducing ReactPhoenix - Render React.js components in Phoenix views

While I love Elixir and Phoenix, my current daily, pay-the-bills language at Planning Center is Ruby and Rails. We create a lot of React.js components as well and I really like working with React. So it is an obvious transition for me to want to use React components in my Phoenix applications as well.

The building blocks of a poker application

In the coming sections, I shall guide you on my strategy to parse the straight flush hand, and hopefully set you up with a starting point to approach building the full parser for all hand types.

Runtime metrics for GenServer and GenStage applications

This library supports the collection and publication of GenServer and GenStage runtime metrics. Metrics data are generated by an introspection agent. No instrumentation is required within the GenServer or GenStage library or within your application source code.

Sending notifications in Elixir with Ravenx

One of the improvements we are working on is the possibility of sending notifications to multiple services, like e-mail, Slack, push notifications to mobile apps…