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Intro to Elixir for non Ruby programmers

I come from the land of PHP and Javascript, with very little Ruby experience. I have seen quite a few posts around the interwebs introducing Elixir from a Rubyist’s perspective but I haven’t really seen any from a perspective I can relate to. The syntax of Elixir is kind of foreign to most people outside of Ruby-land, so I hope to help push people a little bit over the initial hump with some examples using PHP and Javascript (ES2015) along with the Elixir examples.

Let’s refactor: std_json_io.

std_json_io is a library oftenly used when it comes to server-side rendering of React-based apps, but it is a bit outdated and have some issues. The article is about process of refactoring the library written in a tutorial-like style.

Ruby vs. Elixir - Projects & People edition

I haven't been writing as much these days because I was super busy preparing two talks for two very different conferences at the same time. The first was RailsConf, and the second was ElixirConf.eu, and both of these happened just 5 days apart from each other. For the second time in 12 months, I've had the opportunity to attend two very different conferences just a couple days apart from each other. But despite the differences, there were also a lot of similarities. Let's start there first.

How To Make The Elixir Shell (IEX) Save History

If you've ever used irb, node or pretty much any other command line REPL, you probably really miss being able to use the up and down keys to recall your last commands from a previous session in iex.

Elixir hot-reloading & music generation

A short demonstration of Elixir hot-reloading feature together with MIDI events generation.