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This week has been packed with amazing articles and it was hard to choose the top 5. Among others, there is a preview of the next Phoenix version available.

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this week's favorite

Elixir's Secret Weapon

I recently began using a new(ish) feature of Elixir that completely transformed the way I build programs. I'm talking about the special form with. It can feel unfamiliar at first, but it is extremely powerful and flexible. This article will explain how with works and how it can be used to make your code more robust to errors. First, though, let's look at the problem with is trying to solve.

A free introduction to Elixir, OTP, Ecto, and Phoenix

Today, DailyDrip is releasing five weeks of free content to introduce people to the Elixir programming language and prepare them for building web applications using Ecto and Phoenix. We produced 25 short-form episodes (around five minutes each) that will take you from “what is this Elixir thing?” to “Cool, I know how to build a basic Phoenix-based webapp” rapidly. From there, we’re building a production-capable app in the ongoing premium content.

Behind the magic of Phoenix LiveReload

Phoenix’s live reload functionality instantly refreshes your browser when you update a file in your code editor. The experience is beautiful in its simplicity and the Phoenix code that does it is remarkably lightweight as well.

Why changes in Phoenix 1.3 are so important?

There are a lot of significant changes. Chris McCord made a great job writing a complete migrating guide. Inspired by it and by the talk Chris gave at the LonestarElixir this article will try to guide through the most important changes in the phoenix project.

Dissecting a Fresh Elixir Application

In this post we will explaining some key concepts of the Elixir language using the code generated by the Phoenix project template and some handpicked examples.